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Binacchi & Company
Alliance Partner ~ Gazzada Schianno, Italy

Binacchi was founded in 1969 and today is a world leader for its technical know-how, quality of construction and spirit of innovation.

Binacchi is the only company in the world able to supply everything that is necessary to the soap maker: oil treatment plants, saponifications, glycerine recovery plants, soap dryers, soap finishing lines (mixers, roll mills, plodders, cutters, presses), soap packaging machines (wrappers and cartoners), engineering and after-sales services.

Synthetic detergent plants are available either using the Spray Drying technology or using Agglomeration-Granulation process for “compact” powders.

Glycerine recovery plants utilizing soap spent lyes, sweet waters or biodiesel crude.

The Binacchi plants operate in more than 100 countries inside important multinationals as well as the most demanding soap makers or in companies that never made soap or detergent before.

Fabio Binacchi ~ President


Soap/Glycerine Systems & Plants

Soap Finishing and Packaging

Detergent Mixing Systems


Support Services



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