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Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES)


Methyl Ester Sulfonates (MES) from palm and coconut derivatives offer an environmentally friendly and viable alternative to the old workhorse surfactant alkyl benzene, which is derived from linear alkyl benzene (LAB).  Chemithon Corporation has patented technologies for manufacturing MES which produces commercial quantities of MES in a free flowing powder form.  These products are being formulated into both liquid and powder finished detergents.

The appeal of MES is based on its origin from a renewable oleo-based raw material, its excellent biodegradability, improved calcium hardness tolerance and good detergency.  MES also offers a viable cost alternative to the LAS currently used by detergent producers.  The challenges for MES in detergent use include low foam characteristics and formulation constraints when using MES in a liquid form in a high pH environment.  The availability of MES in a dry free flowing powder or flaked form in recent years has overcome most of the manufacturing issues as the product can be directly added to the detergent formulation in a post addition step.  The issue of low foam can be addressed by inclusion of a lauric chain length or by addition of foam boosters like alpha olefin sulfonates (AOS).


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Palm Stearin C16/C18

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Soya C18

Coconut C12/C14

Palm Kernal C8/C18






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