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Mitsui Plant Systems
Sales Representative ~ Tokyo, Japan

Mitsui Plant Systems continues to provide a variety of plant and equipment to the energy, refinery and petrochemical industries. Making full use of partnerships with manufacturers across the world, we establish a business system that can meet the needs of plant construction. We are proud of our strength that includes market-oriented business approach over long periods of time and built-in knowledge and networks. We also respond to the needs for investment in and financing of various projects in collaboration with Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

We supply the plant and equipment for ferrous and nonferrous metal industries. Our major customers are integrated steel companies, mini-mills and nonferrous metal producers. We are confident in our unparalleled global knowledge and expertise with the variety of business processes that are domestic sales, import from overseas, export from Japan and offshore trading.

We are engaged in a variety of business. In particular, we handle various industrial systems in addition to those for heavy industries as well as infrastructure-related business, that is, port facilities, water treatment plants etc. We also proactively promote our business in the field of the global environment and energy conservation.

Mitsui Plant Systems



Plant Design & Process Development

Process Instrumentation Design

Basic and Detailed Engineering

Sourcing & Procurement



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