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The largest Chemithon division emerged from the company's invention of the continuous oleum sulfonation process in the mid-1950s. Today, our customers use Chemithon air-SO3 sulfonation systems to produce surfactants used in a wide variety of consumer and industrial products, as well as oil additives.

Our family of sulfonation reactors offers a wide breadth of options, each designed for a specific need. The Annular Falling Film Reactor sets the industry standard for product quality and plant reliability (>96%). The factory-calibrated precision distribution system results in the very highest quality products. The Chemithon Multi-Tube Reactor with factory calibrated distribution cartridge is the best reactor of its type, as well as being a lower cost alternative system for commodity sulfonates. The versatile Impact Jet Reactor is ideal for producing high molecular weight anionic surfactants used in the lubricating oil additives business sector. Our more recently developed Turbo-Tube Reactor is suited for specialty feedstocks that become highly viscous during sulfonation - and eliminates the use of solvents and subsequent recovery systems.

Our proven success with full turnkey sulfonation plant installations on a global basis demonstrates that we can provide unprecedented value to the sulfonation process industry in a “single source” package. Chemithon customers benefit from our integration of research and development, engineering, design, fabrication with procurement, installation, and start-up. Through our “continuous improvement” program, we provide safe and efficient equipment built to American and international engineering and manufacturing standards.

Continuous reinvestment in R&D benefits Chemithon customers. Our R&D efforts have resulted in commercial applications in the areas of:

Air-SO3 sulfonation plants ranging in size from 5 kg/hr to over 20,000 kg/hr

  • Turbo Tube® Dryer for producing concentrated detergent actives
    (> 96% Active)
  • Powder Production Systems
  • 1,4-Dixoane Reduction System (DRS) for Ether Sulfates
  • Lubricating Oil Sulfonation
  • Methyl Ester Sulfonates
  • Alpha-Olefin Sulfonates
  • Drying organic and inorganic materials
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Sulfonation for Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • 5 and 20 kg/hr Sulfonation Pilot Plants


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Detergents and Surfactants

Lube Oils

Enhanced Oil Recovery


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