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Lube Oils

The surfactant packages used for lube oil additives are made by sulfonation of heavy alkylates and/or natural petroleum fractions. This can be done either with oleum or by air-SO3 sulfonation. Because of the disposal problems of spent sulfuric acid, the oleum process is being replaced by air SO3 sulfonation.

The global lube and fuel oil additives market is dominated by four companies: Lubrizol (35%), Exxon-Shell (31%), Ethyl (19%), and Chevron (12%). How has Chemithon done in this market? Lubrizol sulfonates 100% with Chemithon equipment. Ethyl sulfonates 100% with Chemithon Equipment. Chemithon has supplied over 66% of the Chevron sulfonation capacity. Of the majors, only Exxon-Shell does not have a new Chemithon sulfonation unit. Chemithon has at least 62% of the market for heavy alkylate sulfonation plants.

Because the product from our units is vastly superior (higher conversion, lower color and sulfuric acid content) than products from competitive equipment, we are the market leader. All new heavy alkylate sulfonation plants use Chemithon sulfonation technology.

Chemithon Supplied Lubricating Oil Sulfonation Plants
Company Name & Location Plant Type Year Ordered
Lubrizol Deer Park, TX

Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant


CNTIC - Jinzhou Refinery Jinzhou
Liaoning, PRC

Sulfur Burning Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1983
CNTIC - Jinhou Refinery Jinzhou
Liaoning, PRC
Sulfonator 1984
Ethyl Petroleum Additives Sauget, IL Sulfur Burning, Air/ SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1986
YPF Argentina SO3 Generator and Sulfonator 1989
The Lubrizol Corp.Wickliffe, OH SO3 Generator & Sulfonator 1990
Witco Corp. Gretna, LA Sulfur Burning Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1992
Lubrizol Corp. Deer Park, TX Sulfur Burning Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1994
Chevron Chemical CompanyOak Point, LA Sulfur Burning Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1996
Chevron Chemical CompanySingapore Sulfur Burning Air/SO3 Sulfonation Plant 1997

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