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Semi-Works & Commercial Sulfonation and Sulfation

Chemithon Sulfonaion and Sulfation plants represent the very latest sulfonation technology, based on more than a half century of experience and continuous improvement as the industry's foremost innovator of sulf(on)ation processes and equipment.  Chemithon proven technology results in durable, highly reliable processes and equipment to sulfonate/sulfate the broadest range of feedstocks and produce the highest quality surfactant products on the market.  Equipment versatility allows processing of less expensive feedstocks which reduces surfactant cost.  Flexibility, ease of operation, precision control and high equipment quality are hallmarks of Chemithon design.  On-going research and development programs result in maximum production yields, consistent low maintenance operation and the best on-stream performance record in the world.

Commercial type Sulfonation plants are available in capacities ranging from “semi-works” (250-350 kg/hr of 100% active) to multiple reactor configurations exceeding 20MT/hr of 100% active product.  Plants can be configured to produce single products such as Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid (LAS/LABSA) or Methyl Ester Sulfonate (MES), or a multi-product range.  Multiple reactors can run at different capacities and gas concentrations.

A complete Chemithon continuous sulfation plant typically includes a sulfur supply system, air supply system, SO3 gas generator system, sulfation system, standard neutralizer system, dioxane reduction system / DRS to both degas and minimize 1,4-dioxane content, HITEC electrostatic precipitator system, SO2 scrubber system, computer control system, motor control panel and documentation and construction drawings.  The sulfation system uses a Chemithon Annular Falling Film Reactor (AFFR) designed for a nominal 4% to 6% (by volume) SO3 in air.

Sulfation Plant Overview with Options

There are currently more than 500 Chemithon plants operating or under construction in almost every part of the world.  Today, Chemithon supplies processes and equipment for complete plant systems, all aspects of sulfonation, light and dense powder production, liquid products, as well as final product handling, off-site support systems and complete technical services.

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