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The Chemithon Corporation is devoted to research and developing new chemical process technology for each of the industries we serve.  Starting with Sulfonation/ Sulfation process technology, Chemithon has complete pilot plant facilities to perform experimental research and process development.  Our pilot plant systems occupy approximately 1,000 square meters including units for sulf(on)ation, neutralization, AOS hydrolyzing, 1,4 dioxane removal, alkyl fatty-acid methylester sulfonic acid digestion, bleaching, neutralization,  drying, flaking, grinding and agglomeration.    We are equipped to process alkylbenzenes, natural and synthetic alcohols, ethoxylated fatty alcohols, alpha olefins, methyl esters, alkyl naphthalenes, alkyphenol ethoxylates, heavy alkylates, branched olefins, and many other specialty feedstocks.  Our sulfonation pilot plant processes between 0.025 and 0.7 kilogram mole per hour of 100% active.  In terms of linear alkylbenzene sodium sulfonate, the sulfonation units’ production capacity is about 20 kg/hr.  The performance of the pilot plant accurately reflects performance of commercial scale Chemithon plants. Our pilot scale drying system removes solvents from detergent actives to produce solid, concentrated surfactants.  The pilot agglomerator system combines granular solids and liquid binders to produce finished granular detergent formulations.  Our pilot plant is supported by our analytical chemistry laboratory, which is capable of performing various analyses to determine product quality parameters.  Our Research and Development staff includes experienced process engineers, chemists and technicians. 


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