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Customers should contact Chemithon to describe their specific objectives.  A project plan will be developed in the course of these discussions.  That will enable Chemithon to prepare a specific proposal for the related pilot plant work.  The proposal will describe the project, quantify the feedstock required, and provide a detailed cost estimate for the project based on Chemithon standard charges for pilot plant studies.  Customers then provide a Purchase Order that references Chemithon’s proposal and specifies the agreed Terms and Conditions.  Chemithon offers its services to all of its customers on a “first come, first served” basis, and we use the Purchase Order entry date to establish priority for scheduling purposes.  The project can then be scheduled to suit a customer’s preference, subject to receipt of the feedstock and the necessary plant and personnel being available in good working condition.   Customers are welcome to visit and to witness the execution of their project. 

Pilot plant services are provided to Chemithon's customers under a service contract tailored to suit specific requirements, and Chemithon’s charges are based on the number of operating days (pilot plant use) and the direct labor and materials costs incurred to perform the work.   In a typical project, Chemithon receives and processes your feedstock; analyzes samples, packages and ships the product; and prepares a technical report that summarizes the work and the results.  Our invoice is sent out after the product is shipped to your designated shipping address.
Chemithon has developed a wealth of technical expertise in the field of sulfonation, covering a wide variety of feedstock materials and process technologies. Whether you need test market samples, operating conditions for a particular feedstock or detailed process optimization studies, Chemithon has the capability to help.  So call us!

Please direct all information and inquiries to:

Brian W. MacArthur, Ph. D.
Vice President - Operations



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