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Contract Services

Chemithon offers the service of our R&D staff and our pilot plant systems to our customers to perform a variety of services under a contract.  We can employ our pilot plants to produce samples of detergent actives to use for marketing purposes or for feedstock qualification studies, for example.  We can also perform experimental studies directed at making improvements in product quality based on the process operating variables that exert the greatest influence on quality parameters of interest.  We can perform demonstration runs to show the performance of the process on feedstocks of interest.   In some cases with appropriate development agreements, Chemithon has teamed with customers to develop new process technology or to develop a surfactant for a special application.  With more than 50 years of service, Chemithon has a broad understanding of process technology to draw upon. 

Please direct all information and inquiries to:

Brian W. MacArthur, Ph. D.
Vice President - Operations



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