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Patent #       Patent Title

7008603 B2    Process And Apparatus For Quantitatively Converting Urea To Ammonia On Demand
6895983 B2    Method And Apparatus For Dividing The Flow Of A Gas Stream
6887449 B2    Method Of Quantitatively Producing Ammonia From Urea
6761868 B2    Process  For Quantitatively Converting Urea To Ammonia On Demand
6572835 B1    Method And Apparatus For Producing Gaseous Sulfur Trioxide
6511644 B1    Method For Removing Conaminants In Reactors
6058623        Apparatus And Process For Removing Volatile Components From A Composition
5723433        Solvent Removal Process
5597403        Flue Gas Conditioning System For Intermittently Energized Precipitation
5591249        Flue Gas Conditioning Method For Intermittently Energized Precipitation
5587500        Sulfonation Of Fatty Acid Esters
5244642        Method For Conditioning Flue Gas
5136088        Sulfonation Process For Viscous Sulfonic Acid
4779207        So3 Flue Gas Conditioning System
4587029        Intermediate Product For Use In Producing A Detergent Bar
4515707        Intermediate Product For Use In Producing A Detergent Bar And Method For Producing Same
4385593        Introduction Of Alchol-Water Mixture Into Gasoline-Operated Engine
4374058        Method For Producing Powdered Detergent Containing Alpha Olefin Sulfonate
4267119        Sulfonating Method
4251456        Method For Treating Effluent Gas From Sulfonation Process
4239035        Solar Heating Method
4216001        Gas Scrubbing Apparatus
4185030        Sulfonating Method
4171243        Spray Drying Method
4113438        Sulfonating Apparatus
4096236        Gas Scrubbing Method
3620684        Apparatus For Continuous Sulfonation
3427342        Continuous Sulfonation Process
3350428        Continuous Sulfonation Process
3259645        Continuous Sulfonation Process
3257175        Sulfonating Apparatus
3240801        Separation Of Sulfonic Acid From Excess Sulfonating Agent
3069242        Sulfonation And Sulfation Apparatus
3058920        Process For Preparing A Mixture Of An Alkyl Benzene Sulfonate And An Alcohol Sulfate
3024258        Continuous Sulfonation Process


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