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Metal Finishing Equipment

Soluble Anodes

  • Brass, Bars and Nuggets
  • Cadmium, Ball and Slab
  • Oxygen Free Copper, Nuggets, Balls, Oval or Flat Bar
  • Phosphate Copper, Nuggets, Balls, Oval or Flat Bar
  • Nickel, Rounds, Cubes, Round or Oval Bars
  • Rolled, Depolarized Nickel, Round or Oval Bars
  • Tin / Lead, Oval or Flat
  • Silver, Bars
  • Tin, Balls, Nuggets and Bars
  • Zinc, Balls and Oval or Flat Bars

Insoluble Anodes

  • Lead, Pure, 7 % Tin or 6% Antimony Alloy; Sawtooth, Zig-Zag, Round or Oval Bars
  • Graphite
  • Platinized Titanium
  • Platinized Niobium
  • Palladium and Iridium Oxide Coated Titanium


  • Anode Hooks, Copper, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Monel
  • Anode Bars
  • Auxiliary Anodes and Thieves
  • Bussing
  • Saddles and Tank Mounting Hardware for Anodes and Work Bars


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