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Plant Engineering and Design

We use the team approach at Chemithon - our engineers, along with marketing and production people, work with you to optimize plant process, design, layout, and erection. We are a licensed engineering corporation and general contractor, and our staff is trained in all chemical process and construction disciplines. Computer Aided Design (CAD) support integrates process engineering, plant layout, piping, civil, structural, instrumentation, electrical and utilities. We generate a model to eliminate spatial conflicts before site work begins. These studies may extend to building physical scale models to optimize piping layout.

Chemithon's engineering services shorten construction schedules and reduce costs from conceptual design to commissioning. But the services we provide don't end there. We can also help you with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Plant capacity increases
  • Instrumentation improvements
  • Microprocessor control system upgrades Spare parts specification
  • Project planning and management
  • Review of plant operations and maintenance
  • Personnel training
  • Turnkey Plant Construction
    • Plating Lines
    • Anodizing Lines
    • Waste Treatment Facilities
    • Cleaning Lines
    • Parts Washers
    • Electropolish Lines
    • Phosphating and Prepaint Lines
  • Renovation and Replacement
    • Tanks and Liners
    • Conversion of Existing Lines to New Processes
    • Heating and Cooling Optimization
    • Filtration and Pumping Improvements
    • Waste Treatment Upgrades
    • Ventilation Improvements to Achieve Compliance
  • Design Services
    • New Construction
    • Renovation
    • Retrofitting

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Chuck Reichert, Sales Manager








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Plant Engineering and Design


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